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About Us

We toil all our lives for the sake of providing a home and peaceful environment to our near and dear ones. Every one of us will always be on the look-out for a place to settle down where our family can live in peace.

An immigrant to Canada/Australia/New Zealand chooses to live under the protection of the Constitution and the laws of these Countries, which forbids discrimination based upon race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, color, sex, and age, mental or physical disabilities. Coupled with the absence of corruption, there is a rapid creation of high value and high paying jobs for professionals who can team up with the local population and be a partner to success in all walks of life. Immigrants and their dependants have the right to live, study and work in Canada/AUS/NZ for as long as they remain permanent residents, and are entitled to most social benefits accorded to their citizens.

Immigration authorities however are very particular about the Professional skills of all the applicants as the aspirants are more and the rules are not very lenient. The points-rating system adopted by them requires a professional approach in preparing the cases in such a way that each single attribute of the immigrant is properly highlighted according to the needs of the labor market in Canada/AUS/NZ.

Established in 1992 VISION Consultancy Services is a leading Immigration and job placement firm owned by Canadian Nationals and incorporated by the Federal Government of Canada based in Ontario with Regional offices in Abu Dhabi. It has branches in Dubai, Sharjah & Alain. We assure a secured future for our clients by processing cases in a manner, which minimizes the risk of rejection and our total NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED REFUND POLICY makes sure that we achieve and maintain the goal of almost 99% success rate.

Our services to you start from the point of advising you about a possible location, Canada, New Zealand or Australia; to the post landing assistance when you have already reached your destination. You have nothing to pay initially as our assessment is FREE OF CHARGE. We require just your detailed C.V. and your family background. In case you are qualified for immigration, we shall advise you to start collecting the documents as per the enclosed list. We wish to inform you that we have a success rate of almost 99% and therefore you can be sure of success once our Consultants have given you the GO AHEAD.

We specialize in Skilled, Business & Investment Migration for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With our exceptionally competent group of Professional Consultants and Lawyers with thorough knowledge of latest rules and regulations and our legendary post settlement services and our decades of expertise in advising and representing applicants, VISION is an ideal launching pad for prospective immigrants who wish to migrate, a smooth and hassle free transition. Our tie-ups with various Executive and Skilled worker search agencies secure a comfortable job as soon as you land at your chosen destination.

VISION is a pioneer in the customization of services to meet the individual needs of each customer and guarantees exclusive attention to each by targeting its efforts and expertise at the Business, Skilled Worker and PNP Program.

More then 4000 satisfied clients who have made Canada, Australia and New Zealand their permanent home through VISION, would vouch that we do not forget you as soon as you get immigration Our services are not over till you have established your self with your family in Canada/AUS/NZ, our help will be extended in personalized services from picking up from the Airport to finding accommodation and good schools for your kids, finding ideal and safe neighborhood, getting medical cards, mortgages, child tax benefits, job search, investment advice, finding the right business, filling citizenship forms and ultimately the chosen Country's passport.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

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